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Year in Review

As the year winds down, I look back with pleasure at all the weddings at which I officiated -- 45 with the last one for this year on New Years Eve. The weddings were as varied, from small and intimate to large and expansive, as the venues, from the simple on the beach to museums and luxury hotels. But the greatest pleasure was meeting and getting to know the 45 different couples, certainly the best part of being a Justice of the Peace.

I wish everyone a peaceful and joyous holiday season and a happy New Year -- I will be starting 2011 with a New Years Day wedding and will begin posting wedding tips to help make your ceremony beautiful and meaningful no matter the size or the location.

Wedding Mistakes #2

Paying attention to all the details except the most important one -- yes, the flowers, the meal, the table settings are all important, but the heart of your wedding is the ceremony that will unite you. Too often, not enough attention is paid to the words that you will be saying. Make your ceremony special, memorable, and one that your guests will consider beautiful.

Wedding Mistakes #1

Many couples wait far too long to book their officiant, and rather than getting the person they want, end up settling on anyone available.

Venues are booked a year ahead as are busy officiants; I am actively booking for 2011 and beyond  now. My best advice -- when you decide on your venue, find and book the person that you want to perform your marriage. That way, you should not be disappointed.

Weddings Don't Have To Be Expensive

A recent wedding brought to mind that you can do something quite wonderful without spending a ton of money. The ceremony was in a pretty back yard with a tent set up for bad weather. Since the groom was Scottish, he and his father wore kilts. Wine and beer were available for the thirty or so guests as they arrived. The bride was escorted by her sister and when we did the ceremony, everyone gathered around us in a semicircle -- no chairs necessary. The wedding was intimate, personal, and special -- everything a wedding should be.

All Weddings Are Special

No matter the venue or the size, all weddings should be special. The four weddings I had over the past three days are great examples:
Thursday evening was small and intimate at the Old North Bridge with the groom, bride, her mother, and daughter in attendance. Some visitors to the park watched respectfully from a distance and applauded at the end.Although we were not allowed to perform the ceremony on the bridge, the couple had obtained a permit to perform the ceremony in the park. It was lovely.

My Wedding Blog

Welcome to my wedding blog. From time to time I will posting observations from recent weddings that i have performed. I hope that you find this new aspect of my web site interesting and I look forward to your comments.

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