Massachusetts Justice of the Peace  - Stoddard H. Melhado -- Massachusetts Wedding Officiant
The Process:
Newport, RI fall weddingTo be married in Massachusetts, you must obtain a Massachusetts Marriage License, plan a ceremony, and select someone to officiate

Obtaining a Marriage License:
  • Appear jointly before  any town or city clerk in Massachusetts -- it does not have to be the town or city where you will be married
  • Bring identification and a valid proof of age -- birth certificate or driver's license
  • You must be 18 years old to obtain a marriage license
  • Blood tests are not required
  • There is a three day waiting period (weekends and holidays included)
  • The license is valid for 60 days from the date that you first applied
  • Fees are set by the individual cities and towns
 Your Ceremony:
  • Contact me to reserve your date
  • Meet with me to begin discussing the elements that will make your ceremony special and personal -- usually an hour
  • Continue planning through telephone conversations and/ or e-mails -- readings, vows, ring statements, and special ceremonies like the wine box and love letters or handfasting -- until the ceremony  is precisely the way you want it
  • Have a rehearsal with me and all parties involved in the ceremony to make certain that things will go perfectly on your special day
  • Have the wedding of your dreams -- your wedding, your way
My Fees:
The fees for Justices of the Peace officiating at a wedding are set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  •  Initial Consultation...$50.00
  • Officiating at a wedding in the Town of Littleton...$100.00                
  • Officiating at a wedding outside the Town of Littleton...$150.00     
  • Attending a rehearsal in the Town of Littleton...$100.00                      
  • Attending a rehearsal outside the Town of Littleton...$150.00   
  • Vow renewals in the Town of Littleton...$100.00 
  • Vow renewals outside the Town of Littleton...$150.00       
A $50.00 deposit is required to secure a specific date.

I am not allowed to charge for mileage; however, if your venue is more than 30 miles from Littleton, I hope you will consider some compensation.  

All fees must be paid prior to the ceremony.

Parking fees to be compensated.  

A portion of every fee I receive is donated to Greyhound Friends, Inc.
References gladly provided upon request.

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