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Stoddard H. Melhado, BA, MS, MEd

Congratulations -- you're getting married. What an exciting time in your life. Now it is time to plan your wedding day, one of the most significant and special days of your life, the day on which you and your loved one declare to the world both your love for one another and your commitment to each other. Shouldn't your marriage ceremony be just as special, uniquely yours, reflecting your feelings, values, and personalities?
Yes, it should, and by working together we will craft a beautiful, meaningful, and personal ceremony that will create the wedding of your dreams. It will be your wedding, your way. 

Whether you are having a marriage ceremony, large or small, or renewing your vows on an important anniversary, as an experienced public speaker, I can promise you a ceremony with dignity, style, and grace.  I look forward to working with you to make your vision a reality. 

What people have said:

"Hi Stoddard!
Thank you so much for officiating our wedding. You did an outstanding job and it was beyond our expectations! We loved how you told the story of our engagement. It made it very special. Yes, we loved that we laughed and cried. We will never ever forget it.
People raved about you! I actually had a friend come up to me and say I want to get married again and I want Stoddard as my JP...Thanks again. We too are so happy you were referred to us. You were a perfect fit."j&sb

"Hello Stoddard,
I want to thank you so very much for officiating at our wedding! It was so much more than I had hoped for and every single person that was there has told me how wonderful you were, and they could not believe that we found you online. My sister and my best friend have already said if they ever get married they hope you would do their weddings too." cd

"Stoddard, Many thanks to you as well, everyone was very happy with the ceremony and you did an excellent job! Several people came up to us after the ceremony and during the dinner and mentioned how much they appreciated the quality of how you officiated. It was a wonderful event, one that I won't ever forget, and we are all glad that you were such a key part of it.
Thanks again for making David and Mia's wedding very special and rest assured that I will recommend your name to anyone I know that may be looking for a Justice of the Peace." dc

"Dear Stoddard,
yesterday was special beyond words, all in thanks to your written and spoken words. Please know that you truly gave Jim and me a day to cherish almost more than the first -- all love with no wedding stress With our deepest sincere gratitude." k&js -- vows renewal

"Hi Stoddard,
Thank you for your email and for officiating at our wedding! We loved the ceremony and were so happy with your demeanor and tone; it was just perfect. Thank you again for taking part in our day! We were so happy with everything." a&a

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us the best wedding we could've ever asked for.  All the words you chose and spoke were so beautiful and perfect." v&ma

Harvard private home "Dawn and I were thrilled with your officiating, I consider us extremely lucky to have found you. Thank you for guiding us, for helping us celebrate in such a moving and personal manner. I've heard so many stories and words of praise about the ceremony, you helped us communicate our joy and love to the audience beyond my wildest expectations.
If I had one thousand engaged friends, I would without hesitation send every one to you. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart." jd

"Thanks again for the service, it was truly amazing.  Everyone loved it and loved you, as did we!  You really were perfect, and made our day perfect.  We hope to keep in touch."jb

"Dear Stoddard! We've been meaning to write to you and tell you how very very special our wedding ceremony was and we owe much of it to you!  We could not have been more pleased with it and received numerous comments from the guests. Most have said it was one of, if not THE BEST ceremony they had ever been to.  Our Reverend relative from Ohio commented that it was probably the most memorable ceremony he has ever attended and he himself has officiated and attended hundreds of weddings... Again, thanks for everything and for being a part of our dream come true!!" p&lg

"Stoddard was great, AND he rescues greyhounds (which was what sold me from the beginning)
We had the most amazing ceremony with Stoddard. He was exceptional. I was a super picky bride and basically re-wrote everything, and he was very patient with me and still added his personal touches and stories, that made it even better. Everyone raved about the ceremony, it was exactly what I wanted!!" Wedding Wire review.

"Dear Stoddard,
What can I say, thank you so much for officiating at our wedding. The ceremony was so much more than we could have hoped for. There is more than one person who has told us that it was the most beautiful ceremony they had ever seen; of course we feel the same way. And I also have to thank you for the folder with a copy of our ceremony and that certificate, I can't tell you how nice that was to have immediately after the ceremony. I am so glad we found you!
With love,
Christy and Tom"

"Hello Stoddard, I just wanted to get an email off to you this morning to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you this past Saturday evening. It was very nice to meet you – you did a terrific job with their ceremony.  Hat’s off to you!  Not all JP’s are versed as well as they should be.
I hope to work with you again.  Have a wonderful day!"  venue wedding coordinator

"Hello Stoddard, It was such a pleasure having you officiate our wedding. You did a tremendous job, we thank you, and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful wedding." m&dc

"Hello, Stoddard,We had the most lovely ceremony! Your kind and warm presence was a wonderful addition to our day." vm

"Thank you Stoddard! We had an amazing time and LOVED the ceremony, it exceeded our expectations! We received many compliments and laughs (which is perfect!)...Thank you again, hope the pups are well!" ls

"Thank you so much for coming Stoddard!  You gave us exactly what we wanted, a simple, beautiful ceremony." ko

"Hi Stoddard,Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding.  The ceremony was absolutely amazing!  We loved every moment of it." a&m

"Stoddard, Your help in shaping our ceremony has been tremendous. We knew that finding the right J.P. was important and we are so glad to have found you as you have provided us with the right words and allowed us to focus on what matters.
Thank you!" j&n

"Thank you so so much for marrying us! The ceremony was just perfect. I've gotten so many compliments from my family on how it was the nicest wedding they've attended and how it really suited me and Mike. Thank you for helping us make our big day so wonderful. It meant a lot to us." v&mg

"I still receive compliments from people who were at our wedding who were impressed with the ceremony, and I couldn't agree more!  I am so glad you could be there, it really meant so much to me!  You by far made the ceremony more special than I ever could have imagined and perfectly embodied what we were hoping to portray." jb

"Hi Stoddard-
Thank you so much for officiating our wedding! You did such an amazing job and helped make it so special! Everyone kept commenting on what a unique and beautiful ceremony it was- which is a great credit to you and your guidance! The love letters and wine  box went over particularly well :-) ...Thank you again! It was truly the best day of both of our lives!" a&jo

"Thank you very much for creating such a beautiful ceremony for us. It was truly everything we could have hoped for and more,We are so happy you could be there to officiate for us; we cannot think of a more perfect person for the job! We feel truly honored by the kind and wise things you said and know that you were able to embody us as a couple..." j&kb
"We keep seeing everyone from the wedding, and all we keep hearing is how it's the best wedding they've ever been to....thank you thank you thank you, for making it that day for us :)" va

"Thank you again for sharing our special day with us. We truly appreciate everything you did in making that day exactly what we'd hoped for, and we look back on it frequently and fondly." bg.

"Hi Stoddard,
 Thank you so very much for the wonderful ceremony!  We got so many compliments about you and both Pete and I were extremely happy and moved by how it went...Again, thank you so, so much! We are truly grateful." b&ph

"Dear Stoddard,
Thank you so much for officiating our wedding on October 16, 2010. You did an amazing job and really made it personal, not only for us but our guests too. It was truly a touching and beautiful ceremony and we really appreciate that you made it come alive and captured who we are."  a&jo

"Iain and I would like to thank you so very much for the beautiful ceremony- we loved it, and everyone else loved it. You made it so personal, it was wonderful!!...We really truly loved the personal touch you put  in and we could not have been happier."  dh

"Hi Stoddard,
Thank you so much for your patience and expertise during the planning process! You couldn't have been more wonderful and it was greatly appreciated. I've gotten so many complements on our ceremony and how beautiful it was, and we couldn't agree more!" lg

Thank you so much for officiating our wedding. You did such a great job and you really helped make our ceremony a special event. Our three readers also really appreciated your organization! We would recommend you to any other potential bride and groom." b&kk

"Dear Stoddard,
Thank you for a wonderful wedding! It was so special and you were so helpful!  I will send a few of our favorite photo's. As you can see from this photo, it was one of the happiest days of my life. The ceremony was perfect in every way!
Warmest regards, kh"

"Hi Stoddard,
I cannot begin to thank you enough for performing our ceremony. I am 200% positive that I made the best decision I could have made when I chose you for our wedding. We got more compliments on our ceremony than anything else. Alec and I felt so special and both feel that that was the best part of our wedding." db

Hi Stoddard! Thank you so much for everything - the ceremony was beautiful, so many people mentioned to me during the course of the evening how great they thought it was." ds 

The ceremony was just wonderful. We were so happy with how everything turned out. Your words were just what we wanted for a ceremony, and we got several compliments on the vows and the ceremony." jm

Thank you so much for performing our ceremony. I don't think anyone else could have blended our cultural needs as smoothly as you did. Please feel free to use us as referrals as we will be referring people to you!"  t&jr

"Thank you again for officiating our wedding; you helped us to make our vows so special." mm

"Thank you so much for officiating for us.  It completely exceeded all expectations." em
"Hi Stoddard,
Thank you very much for officiating our wedding! Everyone agreed that it was a beautiful ceremony."

"Thank you again for everything you've done for us for the wedding, you truly made it more special than I could have imagined!" jb

"Thank you, too, for officiating the wedding. It was a huge success, and we couldn't have asked for a nicer service. People are STILL talking about it" rk

"We know for certain that Josh and Rachel's wedding would never have so beautiful, meaningful, and moving had it not been for your involvement from the very beginning." jm

"It meant the world to us to have you perform our ceremony. Your thoughts and efforts helped guide us through what could have been a very overwhelming part of the wedding to plan. Everyone at the wedding has commentated on what a beautiful ceremony it was..." jh

"Hi Stoddard,
...Friday night could not have been more perfect. The weather, the music, the people, the dogs :)  It was a great night that we will never forget.  You have been so wonderful, we could not have asked for a better person to officiate" b&jc

"Dear Stoddard,
Milos and I would like to thank you again very much for officiating at our wedding and making the ceremony very personal and fun." ti

"Stoddard, we are very lucky and you are a very special person.  Thank you for making our day so perfect." dd

"Dear Stoddard.
 I don't have words to thank you for the wonderful ceremony you did for us. Doug and I really enjoyed it. We loved the final touches we all gave to it, " rg

"Dear Stoddard,
Thank you again for being part of our special day! Your ceremony was lovely. So many of our guests commented on how well it suited us as a couple. We couldn't have been happier" d&j

"Hello Stoddard,
James and I are more than pleased with our decision to have you officiate our wedding. It was simply a perfect day....and having you there was just an added ray of sunshine.
Thank you again for all that you did to ensure our wedding was wonderful." ml

"Dear Stoddard and Ky, Thank you for a beautiful ceremony. You both made us feel so comfortable...Thank you again for a beautiful and touching ceremony." c&kb

"Hi Stoddard
Thank you again for helping us to have a wonderful wedding ceremony. It was every bit as special an event for us as it should have been, and you and your wife played a big role in making it that way."k&p

Thank you for helping make Tracey and my wedding so special. It was truly a wonderful day and we appreciate the important contribution you made. Thank you again." ds

"Thank you so much for marrying TJ and me. We loved it and had a great time! You were so much help.". sp

"The ceremony was beautiful: it was everything we wanted it to be...Thank you for being part of the best day of our lives!" rt

"Thank you for officiating! You did a really great job. All of our friends and family thought so!" tr

"Thank you very much for officiating at our wedding; it was an beautiful ceremony.". kd

"Thank you, Stoddard. You were truly wonderful!" ed

"Hi Stoddard,
We really appreciated having you there! You did a wonderful job." tg

"We were very happy to have you as the JP for our wedding. The ceremony went very well. Thank you for your help and guidance." je


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